Photo d'une salle à manger conviviale munie de plusieurs portes et fenêtres donnant sur la rue, de deux grandes tables décorées de fleurs, de plusieurs chaises dont une berçante et d’un rehausseur portable pour bébé.


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For all shelter accommodation requests, contact us at 418-522-0042.

  • Note that this is a temporary accommodation (depending on your needs and procedures).
  • During your stay:
    • You will be able to go about your usual activities (work, studies)
    • You will not be able to receive visitors
    • You will not communicate the address of La Maison to your relatives or to the people in charge of your file
    • You will be able to receive your mail at La Maison mailbox
    • You will have access to a telephone line and a fax machine.
  • Rooms are single or family occupancy and are not shared.
  • Pets are not accepted.
  • Mothers may be accommodated with their children up to age 17.

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